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Tile Roofing

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Tile Roofing In Texas

Tile Roof Replacement & Tile Roof Repair

Concrete tiles are a very popular roofing style in Texas. While tile roofing is a more durable option than shingles, it also lends itself perfectly for a house’s beautification, insulation and appreciation as well.


Throughout our 50+ combined years as roofing contractors in Texas, we’ve helped a lot of homeowners create unique and impressive tiled roofs for their homes. We’d like to do the same for you, and we’re positive you’ll appreciate the features of extremely durable tile roofing.

Texas Tile Roofing — Ron Davis Custom Homes

If you require professional tile roofers in Texas, we’ll begin by sending an experienced member of our team to perform a roof inspection. After examining your roof, we’ll explain your material options for roof tiles. If you decide to choose Alpha 1 Roofer for your tile roof replacement or installation, our certified, insured, and licensed roofers will schedule a date to perform the replacement or installation that is most convenient for you.


Texas Tile Roofing Installers

As one of the leading tile roofing repair companies in Texas, our tile roofing systems are watertight and will be the closest match possible to your existing roof. For older roofs, it can sometimes be an issue to locate similar tiles if the manufacturer is no longer in business. If necessary, we can also replace all roof tiles.


All outdated or broken tiles and worn-out underlayment is removed. The underlayment is an extremely important layer of your roof. If your underlayment needs to be replaced or is not installed properly, you will certainly experience leaks.


We will begin installing your Texas roof tile as soon as your roofing surface is prepared. Once installed, we’ll discuss your warranty coverage and even send in the paperwork for you at no extra charge!


Types of Materials and Roof Tiles in Texas

We offer a variety of roof tiles including different colors and finishes. Concrete roof tiles are constructed using water, sand, and cement. Color can be dispersed throughout the tile or added to only the surface. Concrete tiles are available in different shapes. You will find more styles in concrete than with wood shake, slate, and traditional clay roof tiles in Texas.


As one of the premier Texas tile roofing & tile roof repair companies, we offer concrete tile style options including:


• S Tile is similar to the Southwest Spanish roofs used for the early mission. These tiles reflect the rustic beauty of the Old World.


• Flat roof tiles in Texas are versatile and represent the roof styles of the Eastern Seaboard, northern Europe, and England.


• Texas concrete roof tiles also include tiles that look like a shake. These tiles are affordable and authentic replications of cedar shake roofs with hand splits.


• Sandcast tile is unique and constructed with all-natural materials such as sand and clay. Each batch offers attractive color variances due to its unique nature. Roof tiles can be handmade or made by machine.


• Clay roof tiles in Texas are available in many different colors, finishes, and styles. Clay is baked then molded to create your tiles. You can have a texture applied or have the tiles glazed. The material is resilient and stands up to fire, wind, and hail. Due to the weight of clay roof tiles, your home must meet structural standards for your roof decking and frame.

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The Pros and Cons of Roof Tiles in Texas

Tile roofs have both pros and cons including the following:


• Clay tile roofs can last for more than 100 years. Concrete tile roofs last around 50 years. Clay and concrete roof tiles in Texas can withstand fire, high winds, and hail. Once installed, concrete tile roof repair is virtually eliminated since you receive a 50-year warranty from most manufacturers.

• Clay and concrete roof tiles are impervious to rot and will never decay.

• Many tile roofing repair companies offer tile roofs because the material is friendly to the environment. Your roof is constructed from earth materials as opposed to chemicals and can be recycled when removed.

• When you look for tile roofers near you, ask them about energy efficiency since the thermal mass of these tiles helps regulate the temperature inside your home.

• Needing your tiles replaced is rare. Unlike shingles that need to be replaced with age, tiles do not need to be replaced unless they are broken from heavy impact. When your tile roof needs to be redone the tile is reused in most cases.

• Roof tiles provide you with a lot of choices including styles and colors to match your home style.


• Texas tile roofing & tile roof replacement companies charge two to three times more for a clay tile roof as opposed to asphalt shingles. The cost of an average clay tile roof is $675 to $1,400 for each square foot. Concrete tiles cost between $350 to $500 for each square foot installed.

Are Roof Tiles in Texas Worth the Extra Cost?

As a company offering tile roof repair in Texas, we believe tile roofs are worth the expense for several reasons. Tiles require less maintenance and repair than foam and shingles, have a longer life, and offer better protection from strong winds and hail.

Why Should you Hire Us for your Tile Roof in Texas?

We are a family-owned business with over 50 years of roofing experience. We’ve created an impressive and unique variety of tiled roofs for homes throughout Texas. If you want the best contractor for tile roof replacement in Texas, you’ll want Alpha 1 Roofer on the job. Our roof installers are certified, well-trained, and have the experience to do the job right.

Frequent Questions We Hear Often

Tile roofs contain several components. The underlayment is the most important. This is the barrier between your tile and roof deck. We place battens over your underlayment to elevate your tile and enable airflow. This helps prevent your underlayment from drying out and requiring the services of tile roofing repair companies. We also use accessories including a drip edge, flashings and eave riser.

The average is 20 years. The actual length of time is dependent on weatherization, debris and critters. Tile roofers near me will replace just the underlayment, not the tile. If the company that installed your tile is no longer in business, replacement tiles may be unavailable. In this instance, we can replace all of your tile or one section you will be unable to see.

Your home must be equipped to handle the weight. If your original roof was shingles, it was most likely not built to handle a heavy load. An engineering report will let you know if your Texas home is able to handle the weight of the tiles. If you have a tile roof installed and your home is unable to bear the weight, your roof will noticeably sag.

Even though tiles hold up better to hail and strong winds than other roofs such as shingles, concrete tile roof repair may be necessary. Concrete tiles will not become brittle under the direct rays of the sun like shingles. The color may fade as time passes due to the sun. Your underlayment does receive excellent protection against the sun due to the tiles. This helps prevent it from becoming dry as time passes.

Despite a tile roof not having an Energy Star rating, we can use them for the creation of a more efficient roofing system. We accomplish this with vented bird stops and elevated battens.

It’s important you know what to expect from all parties involved in insurance work like this.

That’s why we’re going to start by telling you how insurance adjusters conduct their inspections…because that’s the bar all contractors in our line of work need to clear.

After they ask you if there are any signs of water intrusion inside the home, they will take a front-left-back-right approach from the ground first.

They’ll look at the exterior for signs of damage. This includes windows, screens, downspouts, gutters, garage doors, decks, A/C units, fencing, playscapes, grills, etc.

Once on the roof, they’ll take a number count of all the accessories on the roof. This includes skylights as well as ventilation pipes, such as gas or moisture exhaust pipes. They’ll look at attic vents and chimneys too. What they’re doing is looking for the “story” your roof is telling as it relates to storm history. That history will be marked by traces of hail stones. The story told by the evidence on these accessories will give them an idea of what they may find when they look at the shingles.

Taking a front-left-back-right approach on the roof surface, they’ll mark off 4 “squares,”  1 on each of the 4 elevations.

A square is a 10’x10′ surface area.

They’ll examine the roofing material in these squares for damage caused by hail or wind, depending on the reason for the original call that opened the claim.

Each insurance carrier has a threshold count they like their field adjusters to meet in order to deem a roof totaled and in need of replacement. That threshold is approximately 8 hail hits for many carriers.

The adjuster will look for a threshold count in 3 of the 4 squares. 1 of the 3 often presents a lower count. The 4th commonly appears to be the “wayward” elevation, which would be due to the direction of a storm’s path.

Taken all together, they are looking for your roof’s story.

Do I need to call my insurance first?


Many roofing contractors, including us, will offer you a free inspection.

What’s included in a contractor’s inspection?

We train our team to run their inspections the same way adjusters do.

We hear horror stories all the time about how contractors will skip the part where you get the consultation and documentation you need because all they’re interested in is the sale.

That’s why we not only train according to industry best practices, we aim to leave you with an educational experience unique to your roof’s condition.

In addition to running inspections according to a method built on industry best practice and standardized by Ark’s training and development, we have added photographic documentation to our process.

You will get a live link (URL) created for just you and your property.

It will allow you to transparently follow along with us from the first photos we take. Your webpage will refresh every few moments and give you direct, real-time access to our inspection photos, from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Whomever you choose to inspect your roof, you should expect transparent, honest, and educational consultation.

What if my roof is significantly damaged?

We’ll help you every step of the way.

If we find that your roof’s story suggests it could pass an adjuster’s threshold, then opening a claim is the next step.

Sometimes, claims adjusters will ask if you or your contractor have photos to help them decide whether to make a choice from their desk or to send a field adjuster.

In either case, a representative will ask you a few questions in order to open your claim and to begin the process.

A desk and/or field adjuster will receive that information, contact you and schedule their first appointment.

The most common way forward is to have your contractor present with the adjuster to work together on your behalf for the best possible outcome.

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How insurance pays out claims depends on the policy.

There are two types of coverage property owners have the option of buying.

The most common type of coverage is called Replacement Cost Value, also known as an RCV policy.

An RCV policy will calculate 100% of the current costs of materials and labor, and will calculate in costs associated with a contractor’s business operations.

If the current cost of replacing your roof is $20,000 (the RCV total amount), the math involved to pay that out will involve 3 numbers.

Insurance will pay out 2 of those numbers and the policyholder will pay the 3rd.

To kickstart the replacement of your hypothetical $20,000 roof, insurance will pay out 1 number upfront while you will pay the Deductible.

The 1st payment that insurance makes is called the Actual Cash Value, also known as the ACV.

The ACV and Deductible of an RCV policy will normally be furnished to your contractor at a point of time between material delivery and the day of installation.

After the job is completed, a contractor will invoice the insurance for the 3rd payment.

That 3rd payment is called the Depreciation.

Depreciation is released by insurance after they receive an invoice showing that the scope of work has been fulfilled.

The Depreciation, ACV and Deductible add up to total the RCV.

Depreciation + ACV + Deductible = RCV

The second and less common type of coverage is called Actual Cash Value, also known as an ACV-only policy.

ACV-only coverage is like RCV coverage except for one major factor.

Where RCV coverage will pay out an ACV payment upfront and a Depreciation payment after completion, ACV-only coverage will only pay out an ACV payment. It will not include Depreciation.

So, if it costs $20,000 to replace your roof, and, say, your deductible is $4,000, then the ACV payout will be just a portion of the remaining $16,000.

At this point, the property owner will be responsible for making up whatever the difference is, in addition to their deductible.

ACV + Deductible + Difference Paid By Policyholder = Cost of Roof Replacement

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Over 2,000 Homeowners Have Trusted Us.

I am an owner of this business and also a customer. the salesman was so funny. he also knew a lot about my roof. as an owner I have contact with this business very often, so my opinion is very well informed. (This seems funny at the moment)
william bertolasio
william bertolasio
Andrew from Alpha 1 was very professional. He worked with our insurance and our solar panel company to get everything organized and complete. He was diligent and explained everything to us down to the last detail. He even went out of his way to make sure that the job was done correctly. Finally, he followed up with us to make sure we were satisfied. The best thing is they got everything done in one day.
David Barkhausen
David Barkhausen
Don't settle for Chuck in a truck, these guys get it done 1000%
Michael Sanders
Michael Sanders
The day after the April hailstorm, our neighborhood was inundated with roofers wanting to inspect my roof. I scheduled an inspection with one of them, but they never showed and never followed up. Luckily, I met Eric from Alpha1 the following week, and from the moment we started working together, he was prompt, professional, and friendly. He made himself available via phone, text, email, and in person. This was my first time dealing with hail damage, and Eric walked me through the entire process, including how to deal with my insurance and mortgage companies (claims, inspections, checks, endorsements--everything). He set expectations about when the work would be done, followed up with reminders, and came by multiple times to check the work in progress. The crew who did the work was great; they put tarps down everywhere before tearing off the old roof and cleaned up after they were done. They were really thorough and left no trace behind. I honestly thought replacing my roof was going to be a giant hassle and that I would be fighting everyone involved to get it done. Instead, Eric made it a breeze, and it was completely stress-free. It's not easy to trust someone who knocks on your door trying to sell something, but Eric proved himself to be trustworthy and helpful. I've already recommended Alpha1 to my neighbors and would recommend it especially to first timers who have never dealt with this kind of thing before. You'll be in good hands with them.
Daniel Verastiqui
Daniel Verastiqui
Greg called me right after the Hail Storm and was the first to call. He came out the next day or two and inspected the roof, even inviting me up to show me the details. Afterward, we retired to the living room and he discussed how the process would work, even explaining to me the process of contacting the Insurance Company to make sure everything was covered. Greg was the first roofer to contact me, so, the old adage "The early bird gets the worm, really paid off" Greg's crew showed up and fixed the roof in a very timely manner. Afterward, Greg had me accompany him on to the roof for "inspection" and while I am no roofer, I could tell that the job was done professionally. The next day, a couple of members of the crew showed up and finished cleaning up, even getting rid of a couple of limbs that had been blown off my trees in the storm. I have been very complimentary with anyone who asks me (and some who don't, lol) about Alpha. I do hope to not need them again, but, in West Texas, you never know. The next time I won't have to wait to be called, I have their number.
Gary Kelton
Gary Kelton
We had Alpha-1 redo our backyard fence. Tommy was always friendly, quick to respond to questions, and was very flexible in working with our schedule. Their work was very high-quality, and he gave us a great price for the project. Once they started, they had the old fence completely removed (around 200 linear feet) and the new fence up in 2 days . Great communication, great workmanship, very professional. 5 Stars.
Phillip Evans
Phillip Evans

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