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Hailstorms can cause some serious damage to not only your roof, but also your gutters, window screens, siding, and any personal property around the house. In this blog, Ark Roofer, an experienced roofing contractor in Georgetown, Tx, will be discussing how we handle this situation for our customers, and answer some questions you may have.

You Think Your Roof Looks Fine After A Hailstorm. Why Have it Checked?

Unlike many types of roof damage, hail damage is not always obvious, especially if you have a metal roof, or asphalt shingled roof. Sometimes, the hail will leave a small dent, or crater. For asphalt shingles, if the damage is deep enough, it will actually “bruise” the back of the matting, and sometimes even fracture it. Both can cause the slightest opening for water to get through the waterproof layer, and through the roof decking, into the attic, which will eventually cause major problems with leaking and water damage into the home.

Can I Inspect My Own Roof?

It is a huge risk for an unexperienced person to even climb on a roof. In 2016, there were over 101 reported actual roofers in America, that died by falling off roofs. The yearly average is around 50 deaths. Please don’t take the risk of hurting yourself or worse. Most homeowners lack the safety and education for climbing on roofs. In order to find hail damage that has actually damaged your roof, you need to be fully trained. Not all hail damage is the same. If you have any questions, please call Ark Roofer, an experienced roofing contractor in Georgetown, Tx, to help you understand more about hail damage on a roof.

What’s the Next Step After the Hail Damage Inspection?

1. File a Claim with Insurance: If hail damage is evident, have us help you call your Insurance claims department to file a new property claim for hail or wind damage.

2. Adjuster Meeting: On this day, the insurance adjuster and your Ark Roofer Representative will look at the property together, and Ark Roofer will fight for you to get them to pay for a new roof and any other damages to the home or property. Once the insurance has approved to pay to replace the damages, they will send you all the paperwork showing everything they are paying for, and how much they cost. They pay all of it, minus your deductible.
Ark Roofer, an experienced roofing contractor in Georgetown, Tx, is not only a full service general contractor specializing in roofs, but we are also insurance experts as well, and will act as your roofing lawyer to get the insurance to pay for what you deserve!

3.  Contract Signing: Once Ark Roofer has a copy of the insurance paperwork, you can sign a contract, pick a color, and get started!

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