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Common Roofing Problems

The roof of your home is one of the most critical aspects of its structure. It protects you and the contents of your home from wind, rain, debris, and the occasional hail storm. So keeping it well maintained will protect not only the roof itself but every other aspect of your home as well.

The first step in caring for your roof is understanding what poses a threat to it. Keep reading for a breakdown of the most common roofing problems to look out for and what you can do to keep your roof safe.

Broken Gutters

Your gutters are a piece of your roof, and they do a great deal to protect your home from water damage. This is why it’s important to always keep them clear of debris. We recommend cleaning your gutters after every storm to remove any leaves, twigs, or trash that get stuck in them.

Routine cleaning will prevent your gutters from getting backed up and overflowing. If your gutters do become clogged, the overflowing water will have to run down the side of your home, which can cause water damage over time.

If you find yourself in need of new gutters after a particularly bad storm, contact our team for an estimate!


As we have previously discussed, critters are no strangers to living in your home. Typically, they’ll find a small hole, or make one if they have to, in your roof and make themselves right at home in your attic or crawl space.

One way to prevent this from happening is by scheduling roof inspections. In an inspection, we’ll be able to notice any weak spots in your roof and repair them before a rodent or bird is able to crawl in and get cozy.


Water is your home’s worst enemy. Whether you have water damage from a leak, a burst pipe, or a natural disaster, it can do an abundance of damage in a short period of time.

Some of the most common causes of roofing water damage include:

  • Cracked Flashing. Roof flashing is made up of thin pieces of metal that are installed under your shingles and on the joints of the roof. The purpose of flashing is to create a barrier between water and your home. If this flashing cracks, then you have a problem because that barrier is weakened.
  • Broken Shingles. Your roof’s shingles are its first line of defense against bad weather. If they break, it leaves the rest of your roof structure exposed and vulnerable to damage.
  • Clogged Gutters. As we mentioned earlier, clogged gutters will force water to run down the side of your home or to pool back onto the roof, which will lead to leaks and damage down the road.


Tree Branches

Whether your tree branches are swaying in the wind and scraping tiles loose, or a branch breaks on your roof and causes serious damage, you can understand why maintaining the trees around your home is important. Keep nearby trees trimmed back, so they aren’t hanging over your roof will save you from having to repair or potentially replace a damaged roof.


Patches of greenery on your roof might make your home look cozy and woodsy, but moss growth can lead to serious damage. As moss grows, it establishes roots in your roof, causing deterioration along the way.

If you encounter one of these roofing problems or a problem that we haven’t addressed, contact a team of roofing professionals right away. At Alpha 1 Restorations, we understand the importance of maintaining your roof’s structural integrity and will do everything we can to fix the damage and prevent future problems from occurring.