Leaves on a roof

Care for Your Roof This Fall

Caring for your roof is important all year long, no matter the season; but the fall season poses the highest chance of damage so make sure to pay extra attention now!


As the leaves fall from the trees in yours and your neighbor’s yards, they have to find places to land. While a majority of them end up on the lawn or driveway, some find their resting place on top of your home, either on your roof or in the gutters.

This seems harmless enough, however, leaves can actually cause quite a bit of damage to your roof and gutters. As the leaves land on your roof, they begin to collect water and other bits of debris, this causes them to rot, and the longer they sit there, the more likely they are to cause your roof to begin to rot as well. It will start with the shingles, slowly weakening and wearing away, but it can also lead to internal roof damage as well.


As we alluded to earlier, leaves are potentially quite dangerous to the effectiveness of your gutters. If you have an abundance of leaves in your gutters, they’re going to cause a clog which is highly problematic in the middle of a storm. As the rainwater flows down your gutters, it’s met with a blockage which will force the water instead to flow up and over the gutters and run either onto your roof or down the side of your home.

This much direct contact with water can cause leaks and water damage, especially if the problem persists over long periods of time. Prevent this from happening by clearing out your gutters before and after storms!


The most obvious danger to be wary of is falling branches. Make sure to keep the trees around your home, well maintained so that in the event of a storm or high winds, if branches do fall, they’re not falling on your roof.

If your home exterior or roof sustains any kind of damage in a storm, don’t hesitate to contact the restoration experts at Alpha 1 Restorations. Visit our website or call us at (281) 853-8634.