Roof with broken gutter

How to Spot Roof Water Damage

Your roof is difficult to inspect, especially when you are observing proper safety precautions. Still, it’s important to know if damage has been done to your roof. We’ll give you the tips you need to inspect your roof safely.

The Warning Signs

Let’s start with general safety tips. These mostly center on ladder safety. You can use your ladder to take a look at your roof, but understand that it is dangerous. Statistics show that over 20 percent of fatal falls were from ladders and often these are from 15 feet or lower. Make sure you have someone there to stabilize your ladder and you have a good grip. If you can’t ensure this, there’s no shame in calling the pros at Alpha 1!

Water Spots

Luckily, there are some signs of water leaks on your roof that don’t require a ladder to discover. Water spots can show up on your ceiling after coming in through your roof. While the source of the leak may require professional knowledge to find, knowing that there is a leak is the first step!


Your roof is more than just shingles. There are plenty of other parts that make up a healthy roof. One of those parts is your gutters. These need to be in good shape to properly guide water off your roof. Be sure to inspect these fairly often.

One sign that there is an issue with your roof is small chunks of eroded shingles in your gutters. This isn’t normal and is a sign that your shingles aren’t healthy!

While you can do your best to prepare, water damage is sometimes inevitable. It affects thousands of homes every single year. If you are impacted by water damage in your home, call Alpha 1 Restoration at (281) 853-8634 or fill out an online contact form, and we’ll take care of it for you.