Couple standing in front of a large window inside their home.

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Curb Appeal

When you’re thinking about selling your home and believe that you’re going to be placing it on the market in the near future, you should consider setting some new year’s resolutions that will improve the curb appeal of your home. The exterior of your home is the first thing that potential buyers are going to see when they come to tour your property. First impressions are essential for practically anything that’s placed on the market, which is why it’s recommended that you focus on sprucing up your exteriors to enhance your curb appeal. The following details five simple new year’s resolutions that will help you improve the curb appeal of your home.


1. Install a New Roof

A new roof is one of the best investments you can make. Along with boosting the value of your home by as much as $12,000, a new roof also looks substantially more attractive. A newer roof provides better insulation, too, and should include a lengthy warranty, which will appeal to prospective buyers.


2. Upgrade to High-Quality Siding

When a buyer looks at pictures of your home online or stops by to take a tour of your home, the siding is one of the first things that they’ll notice. Over time, the siding will become worn down and discolored, which can make your home appear dated. If you upgrade to a high-quality siding material, the curb appeal of your home will be immediately enhanced in a variety of ways. For one, new siding will invariably provide your home with a more vibrant and cleaner appearance. Depending on the material you select, it can even alter the color of your home.


3. Replace Your Garage Door

No matter how well you’ve maintained your garage door over the years, the outside elements and continual use of the door will cause it to worsen in both appearance and function. Replace your garage door with one that best matches your home. For instance, a wood door is considered to be very visually appealing. However, garage doors can be expensive and may not be in your budget. If this is the case, consider staining the garage door to alter its color and make it appear brand new.


4. Clean Out Your Gutters

A simple and cost-effective method for improving curb appeal is to clean out your gutters. Nothing hurts the look of a home more than leaves and debris hanging out of the gutters or adorning the roof. By cleaning out the gutters and scrubbing the exteriors, you can greatly improve the appearance of your home without spending too much money.


5. Add Quality Lighting to Your Home

You never know when a prospective buyer is going to drive by your home. If they happen to stop at your home in the evening or on a cloudy day, the home’s curb appeal will be significantly worsened if your entryways are dark and unwelcoming. All you need to do to get rid of this problem is to add some quality lighting to your home. Some of the additions you can make to your exterior lighting include:

  • Hanging pendants

  • String lights for the porch

  • Lanterns that are powered by solar energy

With these five new year’s resolutions in mind, you can get started on improving the curb appeal of your home, which should help you increase the value of your property and get your home off the market quicker when it comes time to sell.

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