Damaged Roof

How to Spot Roof Damage

What should you do after a big storm? A lack of visible leaks doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got out scot-free. Your roof has to bear the brunt of the wind and rain from a storm, and that can cause real, lasting damage. The scary part is that it might not be obvious from the ground. You’ll need to watch for some of these signs to spot damage before the next storm causes serious damage.

Visual Inspection

The first step is to do a thorough visual inspection. Get as good of a view of your roof as you can and see if anything looks out of place. Keep in mind that things like your chimney and gutters can also be damaged. If you see curling or granulation of your shingles, you should take note of it. Also, look out for tears, buckling, and loosely attached gutters.

Be sure to check for any damage to the flashing. These are the strips of metal that redirect water from critical areas of your roof and towards the gutters. Since flashing covers areas that are a bit weaker, they are often at the site of the damage.

Indoor Inspection

To put it simply, your roof’s job is to keep things out of your home. Wind, rain, twigs, and other debris are all landing on your roof constantly. It goes without saying that if those things are entering your home through your roof, then that is a problem. You can check this by looking for brown or yellow stains on your walls or ceiling. Check for dampness in your attic as well. Leaks from roof damage don’t always cause molds.

Contact a Pro

There’s only so much you can do by yourself. If there is substantial damage to your roof, you’ll need a professional roofer to repair it. We’ve seen it all in our over 60 years of combined experience working on commercial and residential roofs.

Should your home suffer any damage after a storm, contact Alpha 1 Restoration at (281) 853-8634 or fill out an online contact form to set up an inspection.