After a Hail Storm

Hail Season 101: What You Need to Know

Hailstorms are frequent in Texas from March through May. In 2018, Texas suffered the most hail events of any states, most of which was concentrated in that three-month window. It’s a frightening weather event that you have to wait out and see how much you’ve been damaged. If you are affected by a hailstorm, keep the following things in mind.

#1: You Can’t See Hail Damage from the Ground

Your roof is there to protect you from things like hail. Unfortunately, it can get damaged in the process. It’s nearly impossible to get a good sense of damage from the ground. While you may notice damage to gutters, you’ll have difficulty determining if the structural integrity of your roof has been impacted in any way without going up on your roof. However, this is risky!

#2: Exercise Caution

It’s vital that you take proper safety precautions. Most homeowners aren’t trained in safety procedures. Many people think that it’d be as easy as propping up a ladder and taking a look at the roof. Even something as simple as that can be dangerous. The CDC reports that 43% of fatal falls from 2004-2014 involve a ladder. Every day homeowners are some of the most affected by this! Fatalities and injuries don’t just occur on high rise construction sites. Most fatal falls are from 10 feet or less. Every year over 150,000 people visit the emergency room to get treated for ladder falls. These statistics demonstrate the need for caution and to let the safety-trained pros handle the job.

#4: Trust Your Local Pros

So you’ve done the right thing and are being cautious. You think you might have some damage to your roof. The first call you should make is to your local restoration company. Be wary of contractors visiting your door. Many contractors “storm chase” and knock door to door in the communities affected by a storm. They often do subpar work and leave without finishing the job. Instead, call your local specialists who know the community and believe in getting the job done.

We Use Special Safety Equipment

We use specialized safety equipment to reduce the risk of falls or injuries. We do sometimes use ladders, but we often use specialized climbing gear like repels and safety harnasses to get to where we need to go. This allows us to be effective even during an emergency repair.

We will take special care not to damage your roof. We have the experience and the correct tools to avoid harming your roof. We use a safety boot called Cougar Paws that utilize foam padding in the soles to give us traction while also preventing further damage to your roof. You can trust that we’ll get the job done and not cause other issues in the process.

Experts on the Job

Alpha 1 Restorations can provide you with over 60 years of combined experience working on residential and commercial roofs. We deal with the damage from hail season every single year. We know the specific challenges of this type of roof damage and how to make repairs expertly and efficiently.

#5: Roof Inspections are Free

The best part is that roof inspections are completely free. We aren’t making this up! We believe that our customers should make informed decisions because we are confident that we are the best for the job. We’ll do a free inspection and show you video documentation, so you are aware of the situation on your roof. From there, we recommend the best course of action.

Should your home suffer any damage after a hailstorm, contact Alpha 1 Restoration at (281) 853-8634 or fill out an online contact form to set up an inspection.