Rain running off roof.

Is Your Home Prepared for a Storm?

We’re no strangers to extreme weather here in Galveston County. Hurricanes and floods are an unfortunate reality.

Fortunately, you can take steps to fortify your home ahead of a major storm. The following are a few ways that you can prepare in order to protect your family and property.

Valuable Items

Make copies of important documents so that they can be placed in a secure area. If the original documents are destroyed or lost, then you have copies so that you can get replacements. You can also put pictures and irreplaceable items in a weather-proof box so that they are protected as well.

Tree Limbs

Cut as many dead limbs from the trees in your yard as possible. These are often the first ones to break in high winds and if there are snow and ice on them. Trees that are near your home or near power lines should be trimmed as well. If one of the limbs or the entire tree were to fall, then there might not be as much weight to cause significant damage as there would be if the limbs weren't trimmed.

Roof Maintenance

Examine all areas of your roof before a storm arrives.

  • Make sure shingles are secure.

  • Look for any leaks that are present, repairing these areas to prevent a major leak from developing.

  • Examine the gutter to ensure they’re adequately secured and remove any leaves or debris so that water can flow.


Any storm can have high winds. Secure boards over windows or install storm windows to prevent objects from breaking the glass.

Even the best preventative measures can do only so much in the face of a severe thunderstorm or hurricane. If your home suffers storm damage, rely on Alpha 1 Restorations to make timely, effective repairs. To schedule an appointment, call (281) 853-8634.